eMMC Socket

  • Durability and Precise Connectivity
  • Wide Range Of Devices
  • Designed by Professionals
  • Magic Grid 4 in 1
  • Cost Effective

Integration of Best Engineering

Easy to Use 

eMMC Socket Team deliver you simple and easy solutions that makes your experience seamlessly easy

Research and Development 

eMMC Socket is final product of long years of research and development and engineered for the best experience with best performance .

Precise Connectivity 

eMMC Socket Provides precise connectivity between your eMMC Box Hardware and eMMC IC's allows you to read and write eMMC Chips with Chip-off method

World Wide Support

eMMC Socket Team provides and gives you best support for your experience 

Expand Your Business

Adding more services to your current business just adding eMMC Socket to your Laboratory or to your Service Center will eventually grow your industry

Magic Grid

Combining the top quality materials with best engineering and elegantly designed hardware for the most powerful eMMC Socket in the World today with the 100K cycle of lifetime performance in your service center

Supported Devices List and eMMC / eMCP Packages

You can easily connect to any device with the universal pinouting system with the eMMC Socket with following hardwares and magic grid currently provides connections to following IC packages .

# eMMC Pro      # BGA 153
# eMMC Booster      # BGA 162
# Medusa Pro Box      # BGA 169
# Easy JTAG Box      # BGA 186
# Easy JTAG Box 2      # BGA 221
# UFI Box      # BGA 529
# GPG eMMC Box         
# ATF Box